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Let’s face it, the hammer lane comes with some steep business expenses. From getting your CDL, to purchasing insurance, to buying parts for regular truck maintenance, you could find yourself spending more than you want.

Clever Trucker by Definition

If you’re not careful, you could be spending more than necessary by not turning in those business receipts that can be tax deducted. Fortunately, tax deductions are available for many of these common necessities that truckers rely upon to get on the road and run successfully. Whether you are owner operators, company drivers, a small fleet, or a lessee, you are eligible to receive tax deductions on the items listed below. Provide proof of payment, like a bill or receipt to the IRS and they will count it as a business expense for you.


Although you may have encountered the term robo-advisers in and around your Google Searches for advice, this phrase is something of a disservice to the industry.

Uh, hmm; not so much. Actually this is considered to be somewhat of a derogatory term by those in the business. Although you may have encountered the term robo-advisers in and around your Google Searches, this phrase is something of a disservice to the industry. For example, the term “robo” implies more of a commoditized, mass produced product. Yet as you already know, each situation is unique. Consequently it would not make sense to try and use one size fits all approach to your truck’s current needs.

What’s Available?

Depending on which firm you are looking at, you can receive access to services such portfolio management, asset management, investment advising, longterm planning, portfolio analysis, asset allocation advice and more. The point is that depending on your own needs, chances are you can locate an online advisory service that fits your needs.

How Can We Help You Here?

Using an online investment adviser means you have to take the time out to carefully think through the initial part of the setup.

Here is a list of some of the products we carry that are tax deductible:

These Items from Electronics:

CB radios



Cell phones

Cell phone accessories

These Items from Apparel:



Safety shoes


These Items from Exterior Products:

Chrome parts




Kingpin locks


These Items from Cleaning:


Air fresheners

Air filters

Buffing wheels

These Items from Interior Products:

Alarm clocks


Atlases and maps




CD players

Coffee makers







Seat covers


Power tools

Real World Examples

These categories can be easily overlooked as not being deductible. However, it’s important for all truckers to realize the importance of each of these categories come tax season. Chrome and cleaning products ensure professionalism and a good reputation. Electronics manage logistics and communication effectively. Truckers need to keep their interior cabins fully furnished to be equipped for long lengths of time on the road. There is a lot of factors that come into play to make a trucker successful in what they do. Make sure to properly claim your tax-deductible items before you file your end of year taxes!

Now What?

If you are looking to spend a little extra before filing as well and want to get your deductions higher, we carry many of these items that qualify at our website or you can check with our parts experts at 888-888-7990.