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t’s time to re-fuel! Your body that is. We get it; there are deadlines to meet, traffic to beat, and the last thing on your mind is diet. So, when the stomach gets to rumbling, the wheels— in your head— start turning for what snack to pick up for the road. It’s easy to just grab the cheapest bag of chips and hot dog that you know will last you a few hours before the next rest stop.

But did you know that making healthy choices on the road is possible and easy to do? These tips could make your life in the hammer lane simpler and have you feeling loads better!

Less is more? False

This age-old saying is great for a lot of things, but when it comes to nutrition, not so much. Rather than holding off eating to two or three times a day, which can cause you to overeat and slow your metabolism, try dividing meals to five or six times a day. Choosing (healthy) snacks to eat between breakfast, lunch, and dinner can help you from binge eating, and will keep your metabolism raised all day!


How much are you really spending on those on-the-go snacks and meals? Investing in a power inverter will let you use that mini fridge or George Foreman grill to store whole foods like fruits, vegetables, and other meals you can store for days! Meal prep goes a long way, especially when you find yourself miles away from the nearest rest stop and you’re in need of a lift. Bonus: the money you save from eating in will pay for that inverter in no time!

Bottoms Up!

As much as we all try to avoid stopping for restroom breaks, keep in mind that staying hydrated will keep you from muscle cramps, kidney stones, and fatigue. You’re no use to anyone if you can’t drive! Try substituting water for foods with high water content like watermelon! Energy drinks and sodas may taste great, but are packed with sugars and will cause you to crash sooner rather than later.

Getting in the habit for healthier eating is tricky, so find yourself an accountability partner, or better yet, let your friends at GTP know on Social Media!